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Adaptation and Mitigation

Overview of the Adaptation and Mitigation Foundational Science Area
Lead: Dr. Dennis Ojima, Colorado State University

Connecting to decision makers is integral to the mission of the North Central Climate Science Center. This connection is not always obvious or automatic; it requires not only a strong research program but also a healthy infrastructure for transition, a strong interface with the user community, and continuous evaluation of the process. This research area will ensure that the NC CSC has these key components in place.

This focus area will provide a critical analysis of how the different management stakeholders across the region have an ability to implement adaptation and mitigation strategies. This analysis will evaluate the options available to these entities to both address the impacts on the system and identify potential vulnerabilities. This information will provide a framework to build capacity to cope or respond to different stressors. The analysis of capital assets will be made within the decision-making context of these entities and with the help of quantitative decision support tools.

Activites falling under the adapation and mitigation Foundational Science Area include:

  • Detailed information on management options and institutional resources and how these are utilized under various decision-making situations,
  • Integration of the information derived from the other research activities above, shared with stakeholders across the region to enhance adaptive capacity, and
  • Quantitative decision-support tools for the ReVAMP.

FY15 Adaptation Proposal

USGS Mendendall Research Fellowship Opportunity Announcement

Recording of  USGS Mendendall Research Fellowship Information Session (December 22, 2014)

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