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Capacity Building

outreach across the North Central domain


Capacity Building

In addition to the management-directed projects funded by the North Central Climate Science Center through a solicitation process and the directed funds going to the Foundational Science Areas, there remains a need within the North Central domain to support work that builds capacity among stakeholders that have been otherwise left out of the major projects funded by the NC CSC. To fill this need, the NC CSC participates in a number of capacity building activities, which fall into the following categories:

  • Education and Training in close partnership with the National Conservation Training Center;
  • Partnership with the AmericaView program;
  • Tribal Phenology Observations through the Indigenous People Climate Change Working Group;
  • Other outreach activities, webinars, and conferences.

One page summary of capacity building at the NC CSC.

More information can be found on the NCCWSC pages for this series of projects: prior work and current information