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Dr. Geneva Chong to help coordinate research activities for the North Central Climate Science Center

In October 2012, the North Central Climate Science Center (NC CSC) hired Geneva Chong, of the USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center. She will dedicate half of her time to help the NC CSC better coordinate the Center's growing regional climate science effort, which includes a large University Consortium. Geneva began her career with the National Park Service 20 years ago studying native plant restoration ecology, including the effects of climate, at Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico. Subsequent research included development of vegetation inventory and monitoring approaches and applications to fire and disturbance ecology and habitat quality across the western US. Geneva is currently a member of the USGS Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI) Science Team and she is working on applications of phenology measurement to assess vegetation condition. She has worked with interdisciplinary teams with members from other agencies, universities and nongovernmental organizations both nationally and internationally. Her duties at the NC CSC are to assist the Director with program development and management, which includes a wide range of activities from promoting efficient use of capabilities offered by the NC CSC for research support to facilitating communication and promotion of science to partners and resource managers. A specific duty will be to strengthen the NC CSC's connection to the climate-related classes offered by the National Conservation Training Center and consider regional offerings of those classes. 



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