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HDCC Rio Grande Pilot

Friday, January 17, 2014 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Interagency Collaborative on the Human Dimensions of Climate Change

Rudy Schuster and Kyle Poorman

Title: Interagency Collaborative on the Human Dimenstions of Climate Change

Project Description: Climate change poses challenges not only to ecosystems but also to human populations, communities, and institutions. The 2009 Department of the Interior (DOI) Climate Change Task Force Report documented that many of the communities and user groups depending on pubic lands and waters are at risk from climate hcnage impacts. We refer to thse impacts and issues as the Human Dimenstions of Climate Change (HDCC). HDCC issues associated with public land include subsistence practices, changes in economic activity, demographic trends, human health, recreation, infrastructure, community resilience, and others. HDCC isssues are directly related to the impacts of a varying natural environment. While there are many policy documents addressing the human dimensions of climate change, there is little guidance directly relevant to the operation challenges of resource management. The Human Dimesions of Climate Change: An Interagency Collaborative (HDCC) has been developed to fill this need. Implementation of this program will be done through a number of regional case studies. The initial stage of the HDCC project will be implemented through a regional case study in New Mexico and Colorado. The case stud area uses the contours of the upper and middle Rio Grande river basin to define the general are of interest. We have identified six goals that we would like to address with regards to the initial case study.

1. Identify management challenges related to climate change.

2. Identify the human dimension portion of the management challenge.

3. Assess the state of information availability related to the HD management challenges.

4. Identify the gaps in information and barriers to policy implementation related to the HD management challenges.

5. Devise a set of recomendations related the identified HDCC management challenge gaps.

6. Address local level management gaps.

A workshop method will be used to address some of these goals. Public land managers and other stakeholders associated with HDCC will attend the workshops. The New Mexico workshops are slated to begin in late February or early march. The webinar will be focused around the larger HDCC project and the initial case study area. We will also be discussing our method for identifying gaps and barriers through importance/performance and importance/barrier methods. 


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