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Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Workshop on High Resolution Climate Modeling in the Northern Great Plains
Presented by the Climate FSA Team
This presentation will provide a briefing on a recently organized workshop titled “High Resolution Climate Modeling in the Northern Great Plains” by the NCCSC Climate Science FSA team. The workshop was focused on exploring the value added from the high resolution climate models (HRCMs) in providing important information and insights to the impacts community – in particular related to their potential to simulate more physically realistic convective processes and land surface feedbacks relevant to understanding future changes in water balance and climatic extremes, such as heavy precipitation and droughts. The workshop was also focused on discussions related to increased usability of the climate information from HRCMs for socio-ecological impacts assessments under climate change. About 30 scientists participated in the workshop with equal representation of climate modelers and expert users of climate information. The latter group also included scientists from several of the NCCSC funded projects. We will discuss some of the salient issues tackled during the workshop during this presentation. More information on the workshop and the participants can be found at:

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