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Half-Day Workshop on Evapotranspiration in Fort Collins, Colorado

Monday, May 5, 2014 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

Joe Barsugli organized this one-day workshop to introduce a group of ecologists to issues surrounding evapotranspiration and how to best include it in our models of the impacts of climate change on species distributions and other ecological processes. See attachments for a link to the recording from the workshop as well as slides and the agenda.

Location: USGS Fort Collins Science Center Resource for Advanced Modeling

Hydrology, in general, and soil moisture and inundation, in particular, are important components for wetland bird habitat.  As such, a better understand of current and projects moisture conditions is an import component to climate change vulnerability assessment for wetland birds.  The North Central Climate Science Center, as a Resource for Vulnerability Assessment Adaptation and Mitigation Planning (ReVAMP), will bring together experts from it Physical Climate Foundational Science Area together with ecological response modelers working in the Great Plains and Prairie Pothole Region for a ½ day meeting/webinar to review modeling needs and existing data related to evapotranspiration (ET).  The workshop will consider ET in general but focus primarily on the modeling being used in the solicited project on “Surrogate species for wetland-dependent birds in the prairie pothole region: selection, evaluation, and management application in the face of climate change”.

See below for the link to the recording from the workshop.