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Tribal Strategies for Resilience in the Face of Weather Extremes

Friday, September 21, 2012 - 11:00am

Location: Colorado State University, NESB 302-304

Part of the Managing our Natural Resources for Changing Climate Seminar Series

Abstract: There are four energy related areas of primary interest in the climate work of Intertribal COUP that I would like to discuss on Friday: 1. Climate Change and Weather Extremes resulting from industrially based energy/economic systems, their impact upon Indigenous Peoples, and the opportunities for greater community resilience through the strategic application of appropriate technologies. 2. Wind and Solar energy systems as mitigation measures to the disruptive short and long term weather patterns stemming from carbon based fuels. 3. The potential for ammonia as a hydrogen carrier and renewable energy storage opportunity as a carbon-free mitigation technology for stationary and mobile energy generation and as a homegrown agricultural input. 4. The application of straw bale construction technology as an energy efficient building system that can physically and economically transform the built environment on American Indian reservations as an adaptive strategy to deal with the contemporaneous energy, housing, unemployment and climate crises facing America's Indigenous Peoples.

Bio: Bob Gough is an attorney/cultural ecologist with over 30 years experience on tribal cultural/natural resource issues, who co-chaired Native Peoples climate workshops (1998-2009), works on US DOE’s Wind Powering Native America Initiative (2001-2009), builds sustainable tribal economies (1976-2012), co-authored the Inaugural World Clean Energy Award winning COUP tribal energy plan (2007), and co-authored the National Climate Assessment (2011-2013).

Bob Gough, Secretary Intertribal COUP P.O. 25, Rosebud, SD 57570, USA Tel: +1 605 441 8316; Email:


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