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Interactive Resources

Evaporative Demand Drought Index (EDDI) Maps of the Contiguous U.S.

The NOAA Physical Sciences division has added evaporative demand drought index (EDDI) maps to their online services. The interactive maps currently available plot EDDI at various time scales. Additional resources are expected on the page in the future. Learn more about EDDI and the NC CSC climate team that contributed to its development. 

Bureau of Indian Affairs Directory

The Tribal Leaders Directory is an interactive map with locations, contacts, and websites for Tribes. The map includes Bureau of Indian Affairs regional contacts as well as state by state listings. 

HPRCC Quarterly Regional Climate Outlooks

These Regional Climate Outlooks offer an engaging two-page snapshot of recent weather and climate events and anomalies; discusses regional weather impacts on the region's ecosystems and economy; and offers a climate forecast for the coming three months.

This publication, developed in partnership with many federal, state, local, and academic contribution is released in September, December, March and June.

Climate Resilience Toolkit

Meet the Challenges of a Changing Climate

Find resources and a framework to understand and address climate issues that impact people and their communities. 

U.S. Drought Portal -- Missouri River Basin Region

The U.S. Drought Portal is part of the interactive system to:

  • Provide early warning about emerging and anticipated droughts
  • Assimilate and quality control data about droughts and models
  • Provide information about risk and impact of droughts to different agencies and stakeholders
  • Provide information about past droughts for comparison and to understand current conditions
  • Explain how to plan for and manage the impacts of droughts
  • Provide a forum for different stakeholders to discuss drought-related issues

NC CSC Paleoenvironmental Database

The North Central Climate Science Center Paleoenvironmental Database serves as an archive of Pleistocene proxy records, metadata and derivative products (e.g., chronologies, vegetation and climate reconstructions), and provides a resource for environmental research, facilitating data viewing, synthesis and joint analysis of multiproxy datasets.

Evapotranspiration Dataset Index

The purpose of this index is to help researchers match appropriate and available data to their project’s goals. Several gridded datasets of ET-related variables are available in web-accessible archives that can be accessed directly or through tools being developed as part of the NC CSC ReVAMP system.

Customizable Climate Primers - North Central CSC

Climate Primers are a set of customizable graphics that can be produced for a region of interest to provide a summary of trends in seasonal and spatial patterns for both historic and recent high resolution climate model projections.

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network

CoCoRaHS is a unique, non-profit, community-based network of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds working together to measure and map precipitation (rain, hail and snow).

InterMountain West Climate Dashboard - Western Water Assessment

The InterMountain West Climate Dashboard provides an array of climate and water graphics that are regularly updated to reflect current conditions.