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Early Career Climate Forum Redesigns Website to Foster Exchange of Ideas, Resources

Introduced in 2012 following a week-long workshop organized by the Northwest Climate Science Center, the Early Career Climate Forum was designed to offer young professionals and researchers a platform to exchange ideas, resources, and opportunities with their counterparts throughout the country. The forum focuses on three themes: early career development and next steps, communicating climate complexities, and climate science and research.

While the ECCF has seen success in the years since its inception, NE CSC Science Coordinator Michelle Staudinger and UMass Amherst Asst. Professor Ezra Markowitz have been working over the last six months to make the portal a better place for rapid and frequent communication, including improving listserv accessibility and increasing blog post visibility. The redesign has also opened up space for the public to interface with early career researchers, which offers them an opportunity to think broadly and consider a variety of audiences in climate communication.

Visit the Early Career Climate Forum for more information and check out their weekly updated blog!