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Katharine Hayhoe Discusses Climate Opportunities at Iowa State

In celebration of Earth Day 2015, North Central CSC University Consortium partner Iowa State University hosted Dr. Katharine Hayhoe for a presentation on "Climate Urgency & How Iowa Farmers and Businesses Can Take the Lead".

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In her talk, Hayhoe introduces many of the foundations of climate change, impacts including drought and changes in global precipitation, and historic trends of global temperature change. She additionally addresses the controversy surrounding the climate change discussion and combats some of the most prolific political and social arguments against taking action to prepare for uncertainty and change. Her conversion then moves to dwell on the incorrectly termed “economic problem" of climate change, as she argues that climate change can actually be seen as a financial opportunity for farmers, businesses, and individuals, particularly as the cost-savings of efficiency and renewables exceed those of fossil fuels. Some opportunities mentioned include:

1.   Saving money through efficiency;
2.   Growing the economy by investing in renewables; and
3.   Growing the economy by using waste products to generate energy and save farmers money.

Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University, Principal Investigator for the South Central Climate Science Center, and founder and CEO of ATMOS Research, an organization created to bridge the gap between scientists and non-academic clients.

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