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NASA Develop Collaboration with NC CSC

The North Central Climate Science Center is proud to house one of twelve NASA DEVELOP centers found across the United States, and further act as the hub for DEVELOP activities in the Inter-mountain West. The NASA DEVELOP National Program supports student-run applied science projects, under the guidance of NASA and partner science advisors, addressing an array of national and global issues including ecological forecasting, disasters, water and oceans, health and air quality, climate and weather, and agriculture. These diverse projects incorporate NASA Earth Observation Systems (EOS) to address community concerns and public policy issues. The focus of the Colorado DEVELOP team is utilizing NASA EOS to support natural resource management and ecosystem science across western landscapes. The Colorado team has distinguished themselves in the DEVELOP program by using remote sensing with integrative geospatial modeling to map invasive tamarisk along the Arkansas River in southeastern Colorado, forest structure and pine beetle-induced tree mortality in Fraser Experimental Forest, and wetlands in the Cache La Poudre watershed following the devastating High Park Fire of June, 2012. The team is not only providing important baseline information at landscape-scales, but is also evaluating the resilience and adaptive capacity these systems have under changing climates.  As one of the newest programs, established in spring 2012, the Colorado DEVELOP team has already earned a national award from NASA DEVELOP and Science Systems and Applications, Inc. for excellence in research and their contribution to the NASA DEVELOP program.