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North Central Climate Researchers Collaborate at Joint Staff Retreat

Staff from the North Central Climate Science Center, the Western Water Assessment (WWA), and the USDA Climate Hub for the Northern Great Plains met last week to discuss collaboration on climate issues in the rapidly changing north central US. These three organizations participate in a joint retreat every six months to address opportunities for increased research efficiency and collaboration on issues that transcend the boundaries of each organizations' mandate. 

The three organizations met at the Semi-Arid Grassland Research Center outside of Nunn, Colorado on July 28th and 29th and discussed upcoming publications, how to move forward with future research projects, and opportunities for collaboration between existing funded initiatives. Drought and precipitation were dominant themes throughout the two-day retreat, particularly as the central United States grapples with storms from an emerging El Nino weather pattern.

The three teams have complimentary but unique approaches to addressing climate change. While the North Central Climate Science Center focuses primarily on the foundational building blocks of climate and impacts to natural resources, the WWA focuses on impact to water systems, and the USDA Climate Hub focuses on agricultural changes in the Great Plains region. By collaborating and coordinating action, the groups ensure that their work is complimentary and addresses the complex, multi-faceted realities of regional climate change and planning for adaptation. 

Image curtosey of Ami Nacu-Schmidt, CIRES/WWA