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PhenoCam Installed at Oakville Prairie Biological Field Station

With assistance from the North Central Climate Science Center, University of North Dakota (UND) researchers have installed the newest PhenoCam at the Oakville Prairie Biological Research Center, an 800 acre tall-grass prairie community in the Red River Valley. The camera will monitor a small section of prairie land, capturing images every half an hour and sending them to a University of New Hampshire server via a cellular signal. The camera is the 9th to be put into operation in the north central United States.

PhenoCam sites have been established across the United States to study the phenology – or seasonal cycles of green up and brown down - of vegetation in different locations. Currently, around 80 cameras are operational across the country and a number of others are being prepared for installation. Visualizations of green up cycles help researchers to understand relationships between plants, weather, seasonality, and climate.

The NC CSC helps to coordinate the PhenoCam program within the Missouri River Basin with the aim of increasing near-surface remote sensing to provide continuous, real-time monitoring of phenology across our regional ecosystems and climate zones. More information on our work with PhenoCams and other capacity building activities can be found on the building blocks page of our website.