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Welcoming a new NC CASC staff intern, Amanda West

The NC CASC is pleased to welcome a new staff intern, Amanda West, who will be contributing to project management, event planning, communications, and other administrative efforts. West is a junior at CSU who is majoring in sociology.

"With my degree in sociology, I hope to pursue a career in Law, higher education and general education, and interdisciplinary program implementation. It is very much to accomplish, and I am sure that it will be possible." - West

"We are grateful to have Amanda on board to contribute to streamlining some of the administrative tasks of the center. But we will also be looking for places where she can contribute intellectually, as her skills and interest allow. With her social science background, she could contribute to literature reviews and synthesis products related to the adaptation foundational science area." - Jill Lackett, West's supervisor

The NC CASC has employed and mentored more than 50 students in its commitment to training, engaging with, and supporting early-career professionals and scientists.