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news and stories about regional climate science


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Connecting the interaction between the natural world and humans with climate

National Parks are protected and managed natural area which serve as a haven away from the daily grind of busy, bustling life: a refuge for wildlife, habitats safe from development. Yet perhaps the most important aspect of Natural Parks is the window between humans and nature. National Parks give an outlet to experience, gain compassion for, and become connected to nature, which sometimes seems so far away.

Natural Resource Adaptive Management is unique: how to plan for mitigation within diverse situations

“If you could only measure 10 ecological factors what would those things be?” asked Jonathan Mawdsley, of The Heinz Center asked at a seminar presentation at Colorado State University.


Ribbon Cutting Kicked off Climate Science Center

The North Central Climate Science Center (NCCSC) is underway, with a Ribbon Cutting kicking off the new space at Colorado State University earlier this moth, followed by an all-university consortium collaboration work-shop. Department of the Interior Deputy Secretary David Hayes addressed the importance of natural resource conservation and climate research. U.S.

Interior Secretary Announces Funding for 2012 CSC Climate Science Projects

USGS Press Release

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has announced funding of more than $10 million awarded by Interior's regional Climate Science Centers to universities or other partners for research to guide managers of parks, refuges and other resources in planning how to help species and ecosystems adapt to climate change.