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Foundational Science Areas

Interdisciplinary approach to climate science


Foundational Science Areas

Overview of the three foundational science areas

The North Central Climate Science Center is working to ReVAMP management conversations about climate change by serving as a Resource for Vulnerability Assessment, Adaptation, and Mitigation Projects. The ReVAMP concept serves as a centralizing theme for coordinated research that is responsive to stakeholder needs. This model is built upon an understanding of the interconnected nature of the factors that drive climate change, the impacts of change, and the capacity for communities in the north central region to adapt to a number of future climate scenarios.

Many of those scenarios consider recurrent drought, which is a dominant climate feature across the North Central region. As such, drought is a focal research theme used by the NC CSC to organize and integrate the three foundational science areas.  What drives drought, what impacts it causes, and how communities are prepared to adapt are important research questions for scientists in the north central region. We consider drought through the lenses of our three foundational science areas:

Climate Drivers: Understanding and quantifying drivers of regional climate change

Impact Analysis: Assessing impacts of climate change on the natural resources of the region and the resulting vulnerability of social-ecological system components

Adaptation: Characterizing adaptive capacity of communities and natural resources

The science areas will help inform management while input from stakeholders ensures that the NC CSC focuses on management-relevant science issues. The overall goal of ReVAMP activity is to develop a platform to enhance integration across the foundational areas and to facilitate the synthesis and integration of the resulting research into management tools to guide the response to climate change effects on natural resources in our region. For more information, refer to the 2012 implementation plan and the 2013 work plan for the foundational science areas. 

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