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Natural Resource Management Decision-Making under Climate Uncertainty: Building Social-Ecological Resilience in Southwestern Colorado

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Nina Burkardt and Rudy Schuster, USGS Fort Collins Science Center
Renée Rondeau (Colorado State University, Colorado Natural Heritage Program); Betsy Neely (The Nature Conservancy- TNC); Marcie Bidwell (Mountain Studies Institute - MSI); Laurie Yung (University of Montana - UM); Carina Wyborn (UM); Rudy M. Schuster (USGS); John Sanderson (TNC); William Travis (University of Colorado - CU); Daniel Williams (USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station); Daniel Murphy (University of Cincinnati)

In southwestern Colorado, climate change includes higher temperatures, more frequent and prolonged drought, accelerated snowmelt, larger and more intense fires, more extreme storms, and the spread of invasive species. These changes put livelihoods, ecosystems, and species at risk. To help human and natural communities cope, this project is creating opportunities for scientists, land managers, and affected residents to learn from each other and identify actions that each can take individually or collectively to reduce the negative impacts of climate change in the San Juan and Gunnison Basins. These adaptation strategies and the process whereby they were created are being documented by the participating scientists to assist communities elsewhere to identify goals and actions that conserve key species, ecosystems, and resources, and addresses the needs of local communities and natural resource managers in the face of a changing climate.

The Social-Ecological Resilience and Changing Landscapes Webinar Series; Activities that Engage Stakeholders, Identify Impacts and Prioritize Responses

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