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Resource for Vulnerability Assessment, Adaptation and Mitigation Planning



Resource for Vulnerability Assessment, Adaptation and Mitigation Projects (ReVAMP)


Stakeholders have expressed a need for resources that they can use to interpret and untangle an ever increasing array of climate information. These resources need to be both USEFUL and USABLE for advancing their adaptive management agenda – in short, they require tools that help put good science into practice on the ground. With the assistance of our Stakeholder Advisory Committee and north central resource managers, the NC CSC has built itself as a resource for vulnerability assessments, adaptation, and mitigation planning.

The ReVAMP concept serves as a central theme to connect the research done through the foundational science areas to decision-focused tools and information aimed at assisting resource managers in the region.  Major components of the ReVAMP concept include:

The strength of the ReVAMP concept is in bringing state-of-the-science climate information into simulations of ecological impacts through co-production of knowledge with scientists and managers.  The NC CSC offers computing tools, climate data, and decision-making strategies to land managers to help them address complex, real-world issues. It builds off of intricate knowledge of the foundational components of climate change – drivers, impacts, and adaption – and implements derived science into its management-focused projects.