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Tyler Beeton

Graduate Research Assistant
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Tyler Beeton is a Research Assistant at the North Central Climate Science Center and a PhD student in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology Human-Environment Interactions specialization at Colorado State University (CSU).  Tyler’s M.S. thesis research was broadly concerned with the impact of global environmental change on late-Pleistocene human adaptation.  Using archaeological site information, GIS, climate datasets, and spatial statistical modeling, we tested hypotheses concerning human distribution and dispersals within late-Pleistocene Central Asia.  Tyler has served as a Research Assistant with the Sustainable African Ecosystems and Societies under Global Change (SAES) research group under the supervision of Dr. Kathleen Galvin. Research at SAES is interested in adaptation and resilience of coupled social-ecological systems in African drylands.  The SAES research group focuses on issues of human and animal health, pastoral land use, governance, biodiversity, conservation, and climate change, and the interactions that occur between these issues across spatio-temporal scales. For the NCCSC, Tyler will be working under the supervision of Drs. Dennis Ojima and Shannon Mcneeley on a project entitled, Drought Risk and Adaptation in the Interior (DRAI).  DRAI aims to understand how land managers (BLM, NPS, FWS, tribes) experience and adapt to drought, the ultimate goal of which is to provide land managers and decision makers with the most salient, legitimate, and credible research to support land and resource management decisions.

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