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The Climate Primers are a set of customizable graphics that can be produced for a region of interest to provide a summary of the trends, seasonal and spatial patterns in both historic and the most recent high resolution climate model projections.   We have made these tools available to our partners as well as members of funded projects and plan to fully automate production in the near future so that they could be publicly available.  These tools have been extremely useful to our partners at the National Park Service (NPS), members of our funded projects, and the Northern Rockies Adaptation Partnership (NRAP).  The graphics have been used in technical reports, presentations, and the climate chapter in a book being written for the NRAP. 

Production of graphics is quite simple and involves the user specifying a region of interest as well as optional parameters used for summarizing and displaying the data if the default values are not desired.  Optional parameters include the GCM emissions scenarios to be used, the baseline period for comparison to projections, and whether American or metric units should be reported.  Once this information is specified, high quality historic and climate model projections within the region are downloaded.  The graphics are then produced and returned to the user along with detailed descriptions of the mathematical calculations and assumptions used to produce the graphics.

You can view the Graphics Catalog for Climate Primers here.
Please note:  This is a draft document, which is preliminary and describes an exploratory tool. The data posted here are examples and are not meant for interpretative purposes. 


You can also view some sample graphics produced for primers below.

historic trends plot image plot
precipitation temperature
Rosetta Stone tmin