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Arjun Adhikari

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Dr. Arjun Adhikari is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the NC CSC based on Dr. Hansen's lab in the Ecology Department of Montana State University. He earned his Ph.D. in ecology from Baylor University. His doctoral research focused on investigation of climate change impacts on carbon dynamics of shrubland using remote sensing observation of shrub density and biomass, plant ecophysiological response of key shrub species to elevated drought, and computer modeling of ecosystem processes. He is working on vulnerability assessment of forests and grasslands to current and future climate change in the greater ecosystem of NC CSC domain. Particularly, his research focuses on analyzing the changes in spatial patterns of natural cover due to current and projected land use changes along NC CSC domain. His research area also includes species distribution modeling under current and future climate change scenarios predicted by IPCC. In addition, he is focused in predicting grassland phenology response to potential climate, soils, and landform change under IPCC climate change scenarios. He is equipped with multiple research methods, including remote sensing, GIS, plant water potential, gas exchange, computer modeling, and various statistical tools.