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Early Career Professionals Attend NC CSC Forum on Climate Science and Tools

Students and early career professionals from across the north central region met at Colorado State University this week to learn about the information and tools used by the NC CSC to assist resource managers in preparing for climate change. The first day of training began with discussions led by Climate Drivers Team Leads Joe Barsugli and Imtiaz Rangwala, followed by a discussion on climate impacts by Vulnerabilities Team Lead Andy Hansen. The three presenters discussed modeling consistency, uncertainty and precipitation, and the potentials and limitations inherent in modeling climate change. Presentations were followed by break out group discussions where groups of attendees each focused on one of the NC CSC management-directed projects in the context of climate and vulnerability.

The second day of training was led by presentations from members of the NC CSC Adaptation Team, including Dennis Ojima, Shannon McNeeley, and Brian Miller. Presenters discussed the importance of understanding local context for the application of climate research; vulnerability as a function of exposure, sensistivity, and adaptive capacity; and the ability of simulation models to help stakeholders explore future climate scenarios and management options. This session also included an open discussion of adaptation’s application to projects supported by the North Central Climate Science Center. The two day forum closed with a general discussion between presenters and attendees focused on understanding the importance of integrating different climate-relevant disciplines into research and finding a balance between technical training and general knowledge-building.

The two-day training served as an introduction for early career climate professionals to topics that will be discussed in-depth at the NC CSC’s Open Science Conference beginning tomorrow.