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Director Dennis Ojima Featured on NASA Earth Data Blog

North Central Climate Science Center co-director Dennis Ojima was the subject of a June 2015 feature in NASA’s EOSDIS blog “Who Uses NASA Earth Science Data?” Prof. Ojima, who works in the Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Dept. and is a Senior Research Scientist at Colorado State University’s Natural Resources Ecology Lab, uses NASA resources to learn about ecosystem responses to climate and land use change in the north central US. His goal is to develop an increased understanding of changes taking place so as to inform resource managers and decision-makers about potential impacts and response strategies. In addition, his work through the NC CSC focuses largely on the role of drought in adaptation planning. Through all of his research, he places emphasis on the study of climate change within a social-ecological systems framework.

Alongside his work with the NC CSC and Colorado State University, Prof. Ojima was a key member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and shared in the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for “[laying] the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract [climate change].” He was also a co-lead author on the Colorado Climate Change Vulnerability Study (2015) and authored the Great Plains chapters for the 1990 and 2014 National Climate Assessment.