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Trevor Even

Graduate Research Assistant

Trevor Even is a Ph.D. student in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology at CSU and has been a research assistant at the NCCSC since early 2015.  His M.A. research (also completed at CSU in the Department of Anthropology) focused on factors that supported and challenged collaborative disaster recovery networks in and around the Northern Colorado Front Range as they responded to the record-breaking 2012 wildfire season and the 2013 floods.  It also sought to provide analytical and institutional memory support to these organizations as they worked to rebuild homes, disseminate information, and coordinate volunteer efforts.  He is currently working under the supervision of Shannon McNeeley and Dennis Ojima on a social vulnerability assessment being conducted for the State of Colorado Bureau of Land Management.  A mixed-methods assessment, this project integrates in-depth interviews, stakeholder engagement, GIS indicators, and policy analysis with an aim to provide managers at the state and field office level of the BLM with accurate, actionable, and relevant information on patterns of social vulnerability with implications for their efforts to cope with and adjust to on-going climatic and environmental change.