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Darin Schulte


Darin Schulte is currently finishing a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Denver, Department of Biological Sciences, with a focus on agent-based modeling and spatial analysis. He isworking with NC CSC, USGS and Colorado State University (CSU) researchers to compare evapotranspiration estimates from a biogeochemical model (DAYCENT ecosystem model) and the Operational Simplified Surface Energy Balance model (SSEBop) developed with remotely sensed MODIS thermal imagery. Darin previously served as a research assistant and instructor with the Warner College of Natural Resources – Ethiopia Strategic Alliance at CSU, developing open-source GIS training materials, and as a contractor for the NASA DEVELOP program on three consecutive projects. Prior to pursuing a PhD, he attained a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver, and worked as a project manager in the design/construction industry.