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Foundational Science Area: Maximizing Stakeholder Engagement to Support Climate Adaptation in the North Central U.S.

Principal Investigator(s): 
Dennis Ojima (Natural Resource Ecology Lab, Colorado State University)
Jill Lackett (CSU); Shannon McNeeley (CSU)

In the North Central U.S., the rate and extent of changing climate conditions has been increasing in recent decades. These changes include shifting precipitation patterns, warming temperatures, and more frequent extreme events, such as droughts and floods. As these changes occur, managers face different challenges and have different needs, depending on the resources they manage.

For example, water managers are focused on responding to changes in water availability, while wildlife managers may be more concerned with changing habitat conditions – whether it be for migratory waterfowl, coldwater fish, or large mammals.

In the face of these changes, managers are seeking effective strategies for managing resources. To meet this goal, managers require usable and timely information that is relevant to current needs – known as “actionable science”. The goal of this project is to identify best practices for developing actionable science results, which are often built around strong stakeholder engagement. Researchers will evaluate the different processes – including mechanisms of stakeholder engagement – that have been employed by the North Central Climate Science Center to provide managers with actionable science that supports climate adaptation planning. By identifying best practices for stakeholder engagement, this project will support the North Central CSC’s mission to ensure that their science directly addresses on-the-ground management needs.

This project team is part of the North Central Climate Science Center’s Adaptation Foundational Science Area Team, which supports foundational research and advice, guidance, and technical assistance to other NC CSC projects as they address climate science challenges that are important for land managers and ecologists in the region.

For data, information, products, and more, visit the NCCWSC project page and ScienceBase page for this project. 

: “Absaroka Range - Credit: Diane Renkin, NPS”