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Ecology and Management of Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands: State of the Science

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John Bradford, USGS Southwest Biological Science Center
Seth Munson, USGS Southwest Biological Science Center

Pinyon-juniper (PJ) woodlands are a major part of western landscapes, and are utilized for recreation and resource extraction. However, there are competing management objectives relating both to retaining PJ and to ensuring it does not move into non-forested areas. Understanding and evaluating possible management strategies requires a comprehensive evaluation of what we know about PJ systems and how they are influenced by management and climatic conditions. This project will help provide that broad perspective by examining previous research and management practices related to PJ ecosystems to identify what is known, and what remains to be studied.

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For data, information, products, and more, visit the NCCWSC project page and ScienceBase page for this project. 

Sabinoso Wilderness, New Mexico. Bureau of Land Management, CC BY 2.0